Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Beauty from the Alps!

Do you know that thermal water is highly recognized for its therapeutic properties for the skin?

It is a type of mineral water that is located deep underground - naturally pure and rich in mineral salts, iodine and CO2 and contains healing properties with no bacteria and pollution!😍

To be honest, I was never a regular user of Thermal Water Sprays until I was introduced :


Frankly speaking, sometimes I do pity my skin.

It constantly has to juggle between being in air-conditioned indoor environments to the crazy humid outdoors in Singapore which can cause serious imbalance which results to various skin problems.😔

This is why Uriage Thermal Water is a here to save the day!😙

A skincare water for daily use, Uriage Thermal Water is a powerful treatment water formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for our skin.

Its unique mineral composition enables it to strengthen the skin barrier and become our skin's guardian angel, literally!😍

Retailing at 1 for $27.90, 2 for $29.90 for 300ml, I must say it's super worth it because seriously...


It's perfect because for such a huge volume, the price point is not high - super worth it IMO!

They are also available in other sizes to suit different needs/occasions - 
300ml spray
150ml spray
50ml spray

Naturally filtered through crystalline Alpine rock, Uriage Thermal Water holds centuries of mineral benefits to pamper our skin and contains 50% more concentrated mineral content than other thermal waters!😍

The Active Ingredient consists of 100% Uriage Thermal Water which is packaged directly at the source - extracted in a pure environment, protected from pollution!

Being the only isotonic hydrating thermal mist on the market, Uriage Thermal Water preserves the size and volume of our skin cells which means it does not change cell activity - perfect for even the most sensitive skin!😍

Trust me when I say the team behind Uriage Thermal Water knows what they are doing - the Uriage Thermal Center treats all sorts of skin diseases in adults and babies and results can be witnessed in approximately 3 weeks.

Not only does it help strengthen the skin barrier, it prevents dehydration of the epidermal layer of our skin as well as help preserve the balance of our skin cells! 😉


Kudos to its high concentration in mineral salts similar to the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors, Uriage Thermal Water offers unique moisturising benefits which results in 32% increase in hydration to the skin one hour after application!😍


With high calcium and magnesium salts content, Uriage Thermal Water helps to soothe sensitive skins, is hypoallergenic and perfect for reducing skin redness, eczema and an array of skin issues.👌


Silicon in Uriage Thermal Water also helps to build up our skin's natural defence ability and tightens open pores which better protects it against external aggressions and irritants.
 The high mineral salt content also helps restore the skin's cutaneous barrier, ensuring more effective protection while maintaining skin hydration. 💧

My take on Uriage Thermal Water :

I really like the nozzle, how it does not gets stuck whenever I press to spray.
The mist feels fine and it dries to a matte finish, with no sticky or wet residue left on my skin!✨

It is a multi-tasking product for me - it sets my makeup, moisturises my skin anywhere everywhere, literally allowing me to mist-on-the-go.😉

My conclusion?


How to use? 

Spray on your skin as often as you feel the need to. 
It can be used literally on every part of your body and face as it is so so gentle.😍

As mentioned previously you do not have to wipe the product off as it dries off to a matte finish so simply leave it on to act to boost the penetration of the active ingredients!

If you are curious as to what does the Uriage Thermal Water consists of in the bottle....

Literally only all the good stuffs!😍

All thanks to Uriage Thermal Water, we can now have all the benefits of a thermal spring in a spray!

Do you know that Uriage Thermal Water can be used on :

(1) Post-dermo-aesthetic procedures - to soothe/regenerate the skin
(2) Against discomforts/irritations 
(3) Facial redness 
(4) Nappy rash in babies - to soothe baby's red bottom
(5) Sunburn
(6) Damaged skin - improves cutaneous repair
(7) Dermatitis of the eyelids - soothes/relieves eyelids

When/Where to use? 

(1) After makeup removal - perfects makeup removal and to soothe the skin
(2) To set makeup 
(3) For hydration and radiance in skin
(4) As protection against free radicals
(5) Soothing treatment against irritations/discomfort
(6) After hair removal/shaving - relieves stinging/razor burns
(7) After sports for instant hydration 
(8) When travelling - skin hydration and relieves feelings of skin discomfort

For more info, do head on to :

to find out more about their amazing products! 😉

Do also check out their Facebook page HERE to stay updated! 

Thank you for URIAGE for bringing us Beauty from the Alps!

We can now all include pure, exceptional water, enriched by nature as part of our skincare regime, finally!😍

Uriage Thermal Water is available at all major pharmacies as well as on 

With love,