A visit to my favourite clinic ♡

About a week before my Bali Trip, I dropped by my favourite clinic (you guys should know which by now hehe) for my monthly HTF facial, to top up some products as well as some Botox as recommended by the doctor!

This selfie was shot in Bali and all my friends were commenting how glowy and hydrated my skin looks - all thanks to the HTF facial I did!

If you don't already know, the IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treatment is a four-step treatment comprising of HydraFacial, ultrasonic cleansing, Iontophoresis and IDS Aesthetic’s masks to help reveal a brighter and more hydrated complexion in a hour.

I tend to fall asleep during my facial treatment (yes it is THAT SHIOK) and feeling so super excited and happy when I look into the mirror because.... VIOLA! 


To me, effects are almost immediate and you can literally feel every pore of your skin clean & super smooth.
IMO my favourite facial to date, nothing beats it! 😍


Also did some Botox treatment to fix the little bit of frown lines on my forehead as the doctor mentioned that if I don't fix it now, either I stop frowning altogether or it will leave permanent lines.

I've also been turning to Botox to fix my bruxism problem so I thought, why not just do it together?

Fixing the fine lines at the side of my eyes

Jaw Botox and Botox for frown lines

It is important to find the right doctor for such procedures so as to know the right amounts of Botox treatment you need.
Too much of anything is no good, and I'm glad the Dr only used as little as 8 units on me. 😃

Frown/fine lines and bruxism - be gone!😍


Speaking of aesthetics, I want to recommend you these products that I cannot live without!😍

They are none other than.....


I've been using the Diamond Dust Perfector in place of BB Creams and foundations and it ALWAYS give me the extremely natural coverage and a flawless-looking complexion EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It not only helps to blur imperfections, it also evens out my skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness and sallow tones - not forgetting that it has the ability to reflect and diffuse light off the skin so that all our imperfections appear diminished!😙

and of course....


Exclusively from IDS, this Facial Scrub contains ultra-fine crystals to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and to help speed up skin turnover, which means better skin absorption for all your other skincare products!
I always find my skin baby smooth and soft after using this as it helps to effectively clear out impurities and also to absorb excess oil for a clearer, more radiant and even-toned skin!

It is no wonder the Facial Scrub is IDS' star product 😃

These are my favourite two, what about you?😉


Thank you for reading!❤️️
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