Because you deserve the best too;

Remember my divorce saga? 

I know many of you must be thinking, "Why the heck is she so proud of her divorce?" or "Why is she even sharing about this?" 

Frankly, this marriage started out pretty public.

I've always been frank to everyone about my status offline and online, and I was proud of my marriage.
I even shared about my wedding and all the nitty gritty stuffs surrounding my marriage that it seemed like I HAD TO EXPLAIN MYSELF WHEN WE ENDED THINGS.

Yes, I feel obliged to. 

 I don't think this is anything proud to share about, but frankly it's just I don't ever feel anyone ever stood out to talk about being cheated on, or talk about their divorce which I hope anyone out there going through the same as I did can actually finally relate to. 

 I guess I just wanna tell those that went through, please remember : 

 It doesn't mean your life is over. 

A divorce is not everything. 

It just simply means that there is someone out there better for you and yes you can make a wrong choice once but that does not mean it will be forever. 

 A divorce - you going through it simply shows how strong and resilient you are. 

It happened, you conquered and survived this all. 

 It's time to FINALLY focus on you, YOURSELF - your hobbies, your family, your friends and even your dog. 

 There will be days where you doubt yourself - there will be pain, anger and even feelings of hate but trust the process because healing takes time so it's important to surround yourself with people that loves you and loads and loads of positive vibes. 

Don't stop believing in love. 

I guess this was the biggest issue I had to overcome because I had so so much doubts about humanity after that. 

 Believe that love will eventually find you and you DO DESERVE THE BEST. 

There is absolutely no point to make your heart and soul dark just because of someone that does not cherish you for who you are and did what they did to hurt you. 

 It's nice to wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee and bread and him looking at me with a smile, kissing my forehead saying, "Good morning beautiful," ♥️ 

Because of the pain I found content in the little things that makes life wonderful. 

And because of the hurt I've grown into a better person, to love and want to conquer the hardships together with the one I love now because I know it all didn't come easy. 

 Today, I'm thankful. 

Grateful that I've become who I am today, not backing down no matter who judged me or how I was looked at and that I was fearless, strong and willing to stand up for myself. 

 Be happy, you. 
Because you deserve it too. 😊

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