Want Korean Eyebrows? Now you can at KO BROWS! 😍

Approximately a month ago I had an opportunity to get a Korean Eyebrow Embroidery - something that I wanted to do for the longest time because I could NEVER do the chio Ulzzang brows that everyone has been raving about! ðŸ˜–

I was really excited this time round because I will have my eyebrows embroidered by a TRUE-BLUE Korean Beautician from KO BROWS Singapore!

Situated conveniently at Marina Square, it's not difficult to find this cozy beauty salon.

Specialising in Semi-Permanent Makeup services, KO BROWS believe strongly in customisation for every customer to suit their respective needs/preferences, also considering their skin conditions and expectations for more natural results.

They not only have eyebrow embroidery, eyeliners, lips and hairline semi-permanent makeup services, they also have eyelashes extensions to help further enhance your look if you are looking for something more! 😍

When I first stepped into the boutique-style beauty salon, I knew that I made the right choice just by being there - the service staffs were so kind and helpful!

They explained to me the process thoroughly and what I will be expecting (though I have gone through the eyebrow embroidery process before) and just hearing them on what they have to say, I'm convinced enough to know I'm in their safe hands. ðŸ˜š

Their interior is princessy and chic, with white/gold hues accentuating it's charm and luxurious atmosphere.

A complete list of their services and prices
Do you know that at KO BROWS  they believe only in using FDA approved advance technology/machines for semi-permanent makeup services to ensure only the best results for all customers? 😍

They even use FDA approved natural minerals and water-based pigments from Germany and Korea ONLY so customers can be assured that we are in their safe hands, definitely!😇


Surely this should be more than enough to convince you, with the love of many others too!!

Before I start on my eyebrow embroidery experience/process... let's take a look at my eyebrows BEFORE the Korean Eyebrow Embroidery I did at KO BROWS.

Notice that they were really thin and a little "arch-y" looking?
That's a no-go for Korean eyebrows.

There was a time where everyone just wanted straight brows.
But now the eyebrow trend has evolved and lately for a more natural look, most women are going for a bit of a curve, very subtle, which is still a little different from the Western-style arch.

I definitely just wanted to look younger and my face to look a little more symmetrical and in my opinion I feel eyebrows play a very strong part in this.

I took a photo right before the process after my eyebrow shading/colouring has been removed and even though my eyebrows looked fine, I wanted something that could help enhance my facial features.

Appointed to me to do my eyebrow embroidery was Ms Park, a Korean Eyebrow Specialist.
Ms Park is a Korean herself and a beautician in her line for many years - I knew I had to trust her!

I recalled speaking to a korean translator for her to successfully relate my message to Ms Park - I really like the korean language - ANNEYOUNG!!! - super cute haha ðŸ˜

The cuteness aside (hehe), both Ms Park and the Korean translator lady did an amazing job by thoroughly communicating and explaining to me back and forth on the desired/preferred outcome of my eyebrow embroidery.
I don't find difficulty in communication at all and a huge thumbs-up to the team for being so so patient with me - when it comes to the matters of the face I can get quite.... extra detailed about things


After discussing with the team what eyebrow shape/look I desire, Ms Park started to work her magic on me.
She proceeded to draw and design my eyebrow shape for me according to what I want, making adjustments as we go along. 
I have to commend on how precise she was about everything and she even input her professional point-of-view to let me know what is the best for me.

Even before the actual eyebrow embroidery process started, I was so so convinced just by looking at the eyebrow shape Ms Park has designed for me.
I mean, look at the before and after!

In the before look my face kind of look more tired/haggard, and with the eyebrow shape Ms Park designed for me, the other side of my face which has the eyebrow design drawn on looked much more lifted and rejuvenated!

Now I know why everyone always says this :
"Your eyebrow shape can change your look,"


Hehe sorry about my spastic face - I was looking at myself in the mirror admiring my newly drawn-on brows - can't wait to start the eyebrow embroidery process already! 😙

After my eyebrow design has been confirmed, Ms Park proceeded to apply numbing cream on my eyebrows to make sure that it doesn't hurt for me during the process.

Hehe I was Santa Claus for a moment ðŸ˜‚


Ms Park started to work on my eyebrows!

I recalled being really excited about the outcome.
Took loads of photos (and snaps!) so I could share with you all the entire process hehe

Judging from the look of my face...
I guess it shows clearly that I did not feel much at all during the process?

I recalled Ms Park asking me time and again if I was ok.
She went like, "Ok?"
I replied, "Ok!" with a smile to assure her a number of times - can't help, she's really concerned! ðŸ˜˜

So the above photos were taken after the first round of eyebrow embroidery.
Yes you didn't read that wrong.
First round!

I guess it more of like a "framing" that Ms Park worked on so that the second round of eyebrow embroidery she could concentrate further on the stroke-by-stroke lines she would be drawing for me for the 6D-ish effect!

Oops I realised I forgot to share with you all that...

I am actually doing their renowned


What is the 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery?
It's basically like the upgraded version of the 3D Eyebrow Embroidery.
3D Eyebrow Embroidery helps to fill in eyebrows that are empty/sparse-looking, drawn in stroke-by-stroke to fill in the eyebrows.
6D Eyebrow Embroidery is simply by making the entire look even more natural as strokes used were lighter and more natural!

After taking a short break in between and letting the pigment sink in for a bit, Ms Park started to work on my eyebrows again, this time using the 6D eyebrow embroidery technique to fill in my eyebrows giving it a natural overall look.

Again, the process was pretty painless and I was just happily snapping away as she worked her magic on me.

 And shortly after.....


 I left the salon feeling so so good about my new look because I finally can stop fussing over
how my eyebrows look with this new semi-permanent makeup that I have on my face now!


I was given after-care cream to apply on my eyebrows and was told to revisit within 3-6 months for my next touch-up.

Ms Park told me if I feel that certain parts of my eyebrows look sparse, not to worry because before she did this design on me, the area that I wanted her to fill was hair-less so she had to not go too hard on that area with the micro-blading process in order for it not to look unnatural.

She mentioned that after the touch-up it will look much better, and I can't wait cos in my opinion it looks amazing already!?! ðŸ˜

So so happy I now have perfect eyebrows without having to worry leaving house without makeup on or having to cater extra time while doing my makeup to do my eyebrows!
I'm so glad I turned to eyebrow embroidery - a semi-permanent makeup to make sure I look my best even from the moment I wake up.😋
I must say the entire session was absolutely painless, with no bleeding and no swelling!
I literally donned a whole new look in just a matter of about an hour with no downtime at all!

I really highly recommend that if anyone of you were to consider doing eyebrow embroidery, it's strongly advised that you find a place/beautician that is trustworthy enough, like how I am lucky enough to have found KO BROWS!


KO Brows is offering my readers/followers an additional 5% on their Revita Range of products.

Which means in conjunction with the GSS they are having now,
you will be getting a total of 20% discount on all their Revita Range of products!

These includes :
RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
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This will be valid till 31st Aug 2018.


Overall a recap :

I did a 6D Eyebrow Embroidery with KO BROWS and there is a free touch-up within 3 months, though they highly recommend the touch-up to be within a month.

The price is $699 and it is known as the K-natural Eyebrow Embroidery for Woman.

In Korean Eyebrow embroidery, the results will be more natural, and with the combination of a few methods such as Embo (hairline strokes-natural styles), Suji (Gradation style), machine (Makeup Style) and Combo (Embo+Suji) methods.

The way your eyebrows will be designed will highly depend on your preference, skin type/conditions, face shape and previous eyebrow embroidery color.
Speaking to your therapist openly about what your desired shape will help facilitate the overall process better!

The entire process will last from about an hour and a half to 2 hours which includes consultation time, so be prepared to cater this amount of time for your eyebrow embroidery process!


Do check out their pages for more info here -
Website: https://www.kobrows.sg/
Semi Permanent Services: https://www.kobrows.sg/services/
Skincare Services: https://www.kobrows.sg/skincare/
Eyebrow Embroidery: http://www.kobrows.sg/eyebrow-embroidery/
Menu: http://www.kobrows.sg/eyebrow-embroidery/

Also, don't forget to check their Facebook Page and Instagram Page for any latest updates, promotions and deals!

Thank you for reading!😍

With love,

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