#WhereToStayInKL : Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon

Visited Kuala Lumpur approximately a month ago, and lucky for us we got to stay Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜š

One of the city's best Serviced Residences situated in Bukit Ceylon, Lanson Place is a stone's throw from many of my favourite parts of the city.

Consisting of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom serviced apartments that are stylish and modern, our two-nights stay was at one of their 85sqm 1-bedroom apartment with a huge living room and a fully equipped kitchen!πŸ˜‡

I love love love that they have a fully functional kitchen here - not that I use it but there is an oven, dish washer and dryer!
You can cook simply meals even, perfect for families!πŸ˜‰

As an avid coffee lover, I was elated to see a capsule coffee machine in our room.
Can you imagine how many cups we had during our stayπŸ˜…

The entire apartment was brightly lit, clean and spacious.

And there's a panoramic view of KL city everywhere.😍

Photo taken in the kitchen area
(except the toilet that is)

Speaking of toilets..one of the things I look forward to to each stay is of course... 
a clean bathroom!πŸ™πŸ˜

It's a place where you should feel most at ease in a hotel room I feel, so imagine my gratitude when I saw the cosy bathroom in our apartment at Lanson Place...

I mean.. look at that guys!
It's posh and huge with a rain shower included (my fave!)
Toiletries are free so if you forget anything, fret not because they've got you covered! πŸ˜‰

Basically, everything that you need is there, and I must say I hardly feel comfortable using toilets outside of my own home but this one is an exception - impressive!

As I mentioned, we had the luxury of an entire apartment to ourselves which means we do have a living room for our two-nights stay at Lanson Place!πŸ˜‰

I have to say, the BEST living hall I've ever come across throughout my service apartment stays.
This has surround sound, a DVD player, a huge screen TV with access to cable channels and a really comfy couch.

Another thing to rave about our room :
We have got really gorgeous views of KL, rain or shine!😍

Another one of my favourite part of a hotel room :

The bedroom!

At Lanson Place, the bedroom surely didn't disappoint.
With a gorgeous view (of course), there's a really large wardrobe - I mean large as in like HUGE!πŸ™

There's ample space for the both of us to store our stuffs (and loots) and there's everything we need here, from iron/ironing board, to laundry basket/stuffs, to safety deposit box, torches, etc etc.

There's another TV in the room with a desk where I can reply emails or do some work in the room!

And and and!
Our bed was a super comfy king sized bed with fluffy pillows and soft sheets plus it's facing the view of the KL tower. πŸ˜

I don't feel like leaving the bed once I lie down - not kidding~πŸ˜…

Oh oh oh did I also mention that at Lanson Place you can even wash and dry your own clothes, because they have a washer and a dryer in the apartment for your free usage!
Me love!😍

The next day when we went down for breakfast, I was really happy because though the spread was simple, it was really good and sufficient!

When I was there I still recalled that one of the friendly staffs greeted me good morning and even asked if I wanted eggs for breakfast and how I prefer to have them cooked - without even me asking for it!πŸ˜™πŸ˜

You simply just can't shy away from the breathtaking views of KL city during your stay at Lanson Place - because even their lounge/dining area on the 48th floor has gorgeous views of the entire city!πŸ’–

Other facilities on site also includes :
a gym, a pool, an outdoor barbeque area, and a children’s playground! πŸ˜

I also read somewhere that here at Lanson Place, there are computers free for guests' use and while walking around we also spotted a reading/meeting room too!
Everything you need, Lanson Place literally has it all!😍

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay at Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon and we surely will be back!πŸ˜‰

The staffs were helpful, friendly and service-oriented and there was no issues with WiFi throughout our entire stay and location of Lanson Place was perfect because it's tucked away at a less busy part of the heart of KL city but still close by to many prime/shopping locations! πŸ˜‡πŸ™

I can't recommend a place better than Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences for it's competitive price point and having the luxury of a hotel but full facilities of an apartment altogether!😚

For more info on Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences :

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