Goodbye, 2018.

2018, what a year. 
So many things changed, so much happened. 

 I really want to say there's much more bad that happened this year than the good, but I guess whether bad or good, it made me learn. 
It made me learn so so so much, so much so I strongly believe that 2019 will be better. 

 It's time to bid the stuffs that's needed to be let go of goodbye, especially the ones that are holding you back, that's deterring your growth, that's been hindering your sight all these while. 
The ones that you used to believe in, the ones that you thought might be able to change, the ones that you have had expectations for.
It's okay.
I've learnt, to tell myself it's okay.

The biggest lesson I've learnt this year is that it's absolutely alright sometimes, to not get what you want. 
It's not that everything will go your way, and sometimes you just can't force things or life to go your way no matter how much you would want it to be. 

But it's alright because someday things will fall into place. 
You just have to be positive and look out for the good things that happened, and just move on from the bad ones because yes, that's just life. 

 I've learnt to say sorry even when it's not my fault because it's never fighting against the ones you love or care about, but because you are fighting together with the person - because there's so much love you just want to make things work no matter what no matter how. 

I've learnt and now, more than ever, want to put myself first because it's only when you value yourself, people will start to value you - you will have boundaries, your stand and be firm so much so you give yourself much more preference than that of everyone/anyone around you.

 I've learnt so much, to be a better person, to stop beating myself up inside and just to accept the way I am, be who I am. 
It is time to accept that this is part of my journey in life that will shape me to who I will be, a better, kinder, more loving person that has so much to give once I've filled that void in me that I thought I lost forever.

Thank you 2018, for the memories, good or bad. 
Thank you life for saying no to me at times when there's an absolute need to, making sure I learn.
Thank you loved ones, friends and family for having my back, for being there for me. 

 Cheers to all, cheers to a better 2019. 
To never looking back. 🍻

 xx Aggy

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