Pity me? Well then you are pathetic as hell.

And whatever happened to your hair?
It's fugly and not to mention it emphasizes so much on that double chin of yours.

You should stop going around telling girls (ESP those with boyfriends) that "I know we are both attached but if you never try you'll never know," and you should shut up about how rich both your parents are and how "BRANDED" you are.

Oh and my boyfriend don't need branded goods like how much you do because you depend on them to look good, but well you're not even 1% close AT ALL with that fucked up attitude of yours.

He doesn't need your stupid comments on how he dresses or looks.
Maybe I should buy you a mirror, a bigger one.

Stop thinking so highly of yourself.
You did not even have a complete education, that doesnt seem too capable to me.

And plus, I really pity your girlfriend.
And for the record I don't give a fuck if she surprised you with Twilight movie tickets or kinky underwear.

Bye you pathetic piece of shit.

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