Happy 1 year anniversary.........


Can you believe how time flies!!

And to commemorate this special day, here's a before and after picture!

Hehe before I go on and on about my thoughts over this year, let's take little step back to see my teeth alignment a year ago when I first started wearing braces.

Upper set of teeth - notice that teeth that is out of place compared to the rest?
That's my tiger teeth.
And notice how huge the gaps were!

Lower set of teeth - front part not very straight.. and notice how big were the gaps after
my 4 tooth extractions?

And now....

 Upper set of teeth - tiger teeth brought down and is now aligned with the rest of my teeth
Gaps all closed!

Lower set - okay la you can see it by yourself... very straight, no gaps!
*flips hair*

Hehe sorry if the photos are not so "glamorous".... 

Some questions you all might have for me :

1) Where did you do your braces?

Find out all about my braces at : 

2) Do you regret your decision of doing braces??

No! Of course not!
I finally have straight teeth and I can smile from ANY ANGLES for all I care hehehehehe

3) Any pain?

Okay for tooth extraction, of course! 
For braces tightening every month, it is sore for the first two days, but as the months go by it gets better :D

4) Did you extract any wisdom tooth?

Nope as my dentist say they are growing upright so I'm pretty lucky! :D

5) How long more do you have till the removal of your braces?

Another 10months to a year I guess!

6) How often do you have to brush your teeth?

After every meal, to be safe that there isn't food particles stuck in between the braces!

7) What is the food that you don't eat anymore?

I love those but I can't have them anymore :(
And noodles for some reason always almost chokes me to death :/

8) Any rubber bands in your braces currently?

Except for closing the gaps.... not any yet! :D

I am very happy of my choice in doing braces, only worried about my discipline in wearing retainers every night for the rest of my life after removal of my braces :(

Hehe thanks for reading this post, if you might be keen, follow my braces journey by reading entries under this label :

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking of getting braces soon!
Ask me any questions over at my ask.fm if you have any! :D