Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber - TCM Meridian Gua Sha Slimming experience

Had the opportunity to finally try Gua Sha Slimming at The Oriental Spa Chamber, Huang Ah Ma for the last two weeks.
(Yes I went twice to be able to have a more wholesome experience so I could share more! :D)

The Oriental Spa Chamber also known as Huang Ah Ma, aims to be one of the most lavish spas in Singapore and it is decorated in a charming oriental setting.

A lot of effort has been put in their decor and this hotel spa offers a comprehensive range of services as well as amenities.

In Chinese history during the Qing Dynasty, Huang Ah Ma means the Royal Father; like a King.

Situated inside of Porcelain Hotel Singapore, it is a haven of relaxation and hospitality.
Opening 24 hours daily, it is perfect for anyone anytime looking for a worthy spa break.

Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber is a concept under Mary Chia Holdings Limited.

If you don't already know, Mary Chia Holdings Limited is a leading lifestyle and wellness service provider in Singapore.

They are known for their lifestyle and wellness centres in Singapore and Malaysia which offer a wide range of slimming, skincare and spa treatments. 

Moving a step further, The Mary Chia brand hopes to develop a specialty spa that specializes in holistic, high-quality and innovative Oriental and Asian wellness therapy.
The company wish to further establish Singapore as a spa and wellness hub in Asia and thus, Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber was started.


Upon stepping into Huang Ah Ma, it really feels as though you are being transported to another country... in China probably?

I mean, look at the decor and the interior!
They really put in tons of effort in every single detail, even down to how the staffs are dressed, the serving cups/trays and the lamps!

A gorgeous mix of modern and olden designs in my opinion.

I underwent the TCM Meridian Gua Sha Slimming which lasted for about 90 mins.

It is said that the Meridian Gua Sha Slimming Massage therapy uses electro heat Gua Sha cups to relieve pain, stiffness & common ailments such as fever, chills, cough & nausea. 

It also helps to balances the Chi in the body, promotes blood circulation & removes toxic heat for superior detoxifying & slimming effects.

I was told that the effects can be felt and seen over the few days after the therapy.
Like you literally will be detoxifying (passing out waste from our body) and even though weight numbers will not drop, one can notice a more slender and toned-looking body.

I was told to undress and change into a disposable undergarment provided.
This is to ensure that the massage creams/oils used and their residue do not come into contact with our apparels or belongings.

After a short body massage, the Gua Sha treatment starts.
I noticed that the therapist used a different tool for the Gua Sha treatment;
pretty modern to me, unlike the conventional Gua Sha methods.

It was slightly painful but I can actually feel more heat than pain haha.
(electro heat Gua Sha cups were used in this treatment)

After that, the therapist did a massage on my tummy to get rid of the bloatedness and also to aid in blood circulation.
Herbs was applied on my tummy afterwards to help in detoxifying.

 After that, I was wrapped up from neck down for a herbal steam bath which helps promote blood circulation and help relaxes the body.
The special part about this? 
The steamer used is literally a rice cooker!

I fell asleep because it was really relaxing and soothing.
Indeed a very different Gua Sha Slimming experience as compared to the experience my friends had!

At Porcelain Hotel, you can choose to visit Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber any time as it is opened 24hours daily - but please call to book your appointment in advance before heading down!

Thank you for this wonderful experience, Huang Ah Ma!
I literally left feeling well taken care of, like a queen!

Huang Ah Ma – The Oriental Spa Chamber
50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528

Hotline: +65 6536 1661


Thank you for reading!


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