What a week.....

I was supposed to go for a fitting for the Clozette Style Party runway show but I was bugged by eye infection that goes on and off...


It started since I came back from Bangkok.
I thought it was just like some bacteria infection, turns out to be some sort of allergic reaction  -.-


Clozette turns 5! Come join us at the ultimate fun, exciting, and most memorable social party of the year as we celebrate 5 years of beauty, fashion, and incredible style with our trendsetting community. Indulge yourself with our pampering beauty activities, catch live makeup demos and fashion runway shows, and play games and win prizes at the #ClozetteStyleParty. This is exactly where you want to be to discover what's hot and what's trending right now around Asia!"
(Extracted from http://www.clozette.co/styleparty)

So some of you should already heard of Clozette by now, but for those who haven't it's not too late!

Clozette is like a digital social networking site in Asia that brings women of all ages and from all walks of life together by sharing trendy and up-to-date fashion/beauty insights and it is shared among the community of Clozette on a day-to-day basis.

The reason why I love Clozette is they believe that all women are beautiful and you don't have to be "perfect" to inspire and motivate other people, and every women should love and live our lives beautifully. (: 

Clozette Style Party will go on for 3 days from 21st April 2016 Thursday to 23rd April 2016 Saturday.
The main event day is Saturday, 23rd April 2016.

Please head to : 

to find out more about the exciting event details!

I will be part of this event too.... BY BEING PART OF THE CLOZETTE AMBASSADOR'S RUNWAY SHOW! 
.: Style Squad Fashion Show Featuring Asian Designers :.
This finale runway show celebrates originality and urban appeal that is quintessentially Clozette. It will feature a collection of modern looks – segmented into four distinct Clozette styles: Pretty Woman, Modern Muse, Chic Escape, and Free Spirit – and showcase the latest styles from Asian labels including BSYM (MU) by Alfie Leung and more from Mporium.
(Extracted from http://www.clozette.co/styleparty)
*Do be there by 5pm so you don't miss anything exciting out!*


Met my sogs last Tuesday for dinner..
Can you spot my slightly red eye??

I was STILL wearing contacts actually. 
Heh...I know I know... I should stop wearing it but I cannot live without it :(
Wearing spectacles is so.... uncomfy :(

I'm thinking of going for this procedure called ReLEx® SMILE... 
Anyone knows about this?
Any reviews?

It's like the more advanced Lasik surgery.
I don't dare to google horror stories about people going blind because I hate to face reality heh heh.

But if you ever came across any reviews on ReLEx® SMILE let me know ok?
Thank you ❤️

So back to the dinner.
Nothing much except that Sogs shared with me about his job.
It's like preparing some body parts for surgeons to work on etc.
When I heard I can't help but feel he's damn brave.

I don't think I can be a nurse even..hehh..


Fast forward....

Friday, the ladies came over!

Actually it was G who came over first because I felt so sick of staying at home alone... 
Hehe love her la.

To show my appreciation I whipped up dinner for her!
Aglio Olio with dried shrimps!
Super nice okay!

Look at her face, she agrees!


The girls came over afterwards since all of us had no plans for the night.
Same old, talked till 1-2am and they all left.

It's really funny how all of us were actually just friends because of our boyfriends/other halves but we turned into a group of good friends in the end.
Friends that I will cherish for a long time hehe 


So as updated on my dayre... I'm not longer with Artica Studio since the start of April, due to some personal reasons.

In the midst of discussion with two salons regarding working together in future.
Very excited to share with you all and what they have to offer so you all can have beautiful hair too!

Yesterday at Salon Vim trying their customisable Kerathermie Hair Treatment!
It's really super good - well, good is an understatement actually... I would say it is truly AMAZING!

When I walked in my hair was....

like this!

Damaged, frizzy.

Yesterday after my hair treatment :

Soft & smooooth!

Very tempted to go back again to do... hehe shall keep all of you updated!

I did just ONCE and had visible results.
As it is customizable, my hair stylist included nourishing and strengthening effects in my treatment and ended it off with a hair mask.

This entire process helps to replenish protein and moisture in my hair which explains the soft & silky results hehe


After my hair treatment, Cheowcheow came over to meet me for lunch.

Guess what we had?!?


Both of us might just as well be the last person in Singapore to try this;

 For two girls.... WE ORDERED A LOT RIGHT???
But super yummy - esp the Tomato soup base!
(We didn't manage to finish heh heh :P)

Hahaha so funny la eat HDL until so happy.
I told the waitress I want some popcorns even when we didn't have to queue but I've heard so much about their popcorns and that NO MATTER WHAT I NEED TO TRY IT.
So I did and yes leh can be compared to Cathay's popcorn! hehe

Hehe one more!

Then the bill came......
We took the manicure vouchers so the price can still be accounted for as we didn't manage to finish.
Feels less sinful haha

Thank you for accompanying me, girlie 


Lastly, an update on TACT.sg.

So excited because we are in the midst of discussing with two online portals to bring our webstore
onto their app/sites to further enhance everyone's shopping experiences!

Imagine exchanging your points for cash monies to shop for your favourite items from our store!
Update you all the soonest once everything has been finalised!

Did a shoot over the weekend for our latest collection :

Haven't got the time to edit all of the photos but do join our mailing list so you will be the first to be notified of any updates!
(We will also be gifting some really cute stuffs for those on the mailing list upon your next purchase!
Stay tuned!)

The first time revealing one of the designs in the #SLATEbyTACT collection happening End May/Start of June....

Our #SLATEbyTACT High-waisted Fit & Flare shorts!

Feel like soft-launching this shorts..... hehe will see how! 


Next blog entry will be about my Korea trip.
Very belated I know but I really need to "clear" this and get it done once and for all.

I admit I have been procrastinating and super lazy to blog about this... and the strong feeling of missing Korea isn't helping at all -.-

So stay tuned for the PART TWO of my Korea Trip!


Ending this post of with some ugly shots of me on my Snapchat.
Add me up : AGGYLOW.

Sometimes I "sing" with ugly faces, if you don't mind!

Of course you don't who am I kidding! :P
Catch you there!

Thank you for reading, love you all! ❤️


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