Share a pearl of goodness with Ricola!

What is your favourite candy of all-time, may I ask?

For me no matter when and where, I will always choose to go back to purchasing that one brand of candy - something that I will never get sick of, something that I will go back to over and over again.

And yes, it is the refreshing, chewy and irresistable


Do you know that despite being one of the world’s most modern and innovative manufacturers of herb drops, Ricola is already an 85+ year old brand in the market? 😱

Building on the goodness of nature, the power of Swiss herbs and the delightful balance of taste and benefits, Ricola Fresh pearls are not only of quality, they are healthy and well-received by consumers globally.


All Ricola products are 100% manufactured in Switzerland from naturally grown herbs in the Swiss mountains. 
Not only they are cultivated by environmentally-friendly methods, there is strictly no use of pesticides and insecticides and have no artificial colouring or flavourings. 😊

I still recall the many times I walk into a supermarket to get candy, I will always choose to go back to getting Ricola Fresh Pearls because really, I love the many different flavours, the chewiness and refreshing taste of it.

I can NEVER get sick/tired of it and I'm so so glad they now have not 1, 2 but 7 different flavours for us to choose from!😍

A little history about Ricola - it was first established in 1930 as a bakery by Master Baker Emil Richterich and the name Ricola is derived from the first two letters of the words RIchterich & Company, LAufen.

In 1940, Richterich created the Ricola herb mixture for the Swiss Original Herb drop, which is now still in production and very popular among the consumers till today.

And do you know that the Swiss Original Herb drop is still made the same way as when it was first invented??? 😍

Currently, over 200 Swiss farmers are working with Ricola to grow the aromatic herbs to produce the unique, secret 13 Swiss Herb blend that is used in making the Ricola Lozenges & Fresh Pearls!

In one minute, Ricola produces 24000 drops and in every year, approximately 160 million packages leave the production site in Switzerland, Laufen to be shipped out globally to us consumers! 😍

If you were to observe carefully...

Did you notice that Ricola has a brand new look?😍

This was their previous packaging...

Made from real fruit concentrate and deliciously fused with Ricola secret herb blend, the all-new Ricola Fresh Pearls is back with an enhanced flavor and looking more vibrant & refreshing!

Don't you find their new ones looking even more irresistible and "fresher" looking? 😙
I really love the modern take on the design and also the practical reclosable click-shut box especially as when we are constantly on-the-go!

 It also has a better mouth-feel with the classic and unique chewy texture of Ricola Freah Pearls -   addictive and irresistible!

Additionally, a piece good news to share with all the mint lovers out there because.....

Ricola has just launched their all-new flavour -

Glacier :
A glacier is a large body of ice and snow. 
It forms because the snow in an area does not all melt in summer. 

And yes, this brand new flavour promises every Glacier Mint Ricola Fresh Pearl to be as naturally fresh and pure as a glacier!

With the refined combination of the Ricola 13-herb blend and with the fresh, intense aroma of peppermint, Ricola comes up with this new flavour in hopes to create a powerful yet refreshing mint taste sensation in every single pearl.

Do you know that the peppermint herb used in creating this exclusive formula is farmed exclusively in the fertile soils of a single farm in the glacier moraine of the Valais Alps?!? 😱

I really adore the invigorating fresh taste of this new flavour - literally reminds me of the fresh glacier landscape and did I mention how it leaves a really nice minty after-breath in my mouth?

Ricola Fresh Pearls just proved that mint does not have to be of a hard texture - it can be chewy, tasty and yummy too! 😉😍

Now here's the fun part!

Ricola is not just about their Fresh Pearls or Swiss Herb Drops, they are all about sharing the fun and goodness with the ones that we love too!


Happening from now till 12th November 2017, 11.59pm, simply show how you and your best buds share a silly Pearl moment on your social media (Facebook or Instagram) and stand a chance to win a 2D1N Staycation at Hotel Jen for 2!


And there's my take on a silly Pearl moment with the bestie.....

And there you go!
Simply tag @Ricola and include the hashtags #ShareaPEARLofgoodness #RicolaSG to stand a chance to win!
Remember to set your profile to public!
Contest starts from 23 October 2017 and ends on 12 November 2017, 11.59PM.

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Do have fun with the unique chewy texture of Ricola Freah Pearls that is simply addictive and irresistible!

There will always be a flavor for anyone, everyone!

Mine will ALWAYS be the Mixed Berry flavour - what's yours?😉

Thank you for reading!❤️️

With love,

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