Topp Care Hair Solutions for Oily Scalp & Hair Loss Rescue!

Approximately three weeks ago I had an opportunity to drop by Topp Care Hair Solutions to get my hair and scalp checked.

If you all might be wondering,
"Eh, I thought your hair is pretty healthy, need to visit a Hair Care Centre meh?"

To be fair, with all the constant bleaching/dyeing of my hair (due to my job nature), my hair/scalp is not perfect.
And plus, Topp Care's Healthy Scalp Treatment is for everyone - literally!👌

Suitable for all scalp conditions, it helps to prevent hair loss and supports the regenerative functions to promote hair growth.

I was pretty excited prior to my visit because really, I never ever had an opportunity to take a look at my scalp...  UP CLOSE 😳

A little information to share about Topp Care Hair Solutions :

 Topp Care Hair Solutions offers a wide range of treatments specially created to address specific hair and scalp conditions.

Their treatments consist of using high quality western botanicals specially formulated by Herbalist that aims to effectively prevent hair loss and oily scalp. 👌

Believe it or not, these are the two most common problems faced by many of us today, especially that we are living in Singapore with such humidity everyday.

I love that Topp Care has their own range of hair care products that customers can trust, to continue their hair care regimen after their hair treatment.

When I first stepped into Topp Care, I was quite surprised actually.
It is located in a neighbourhood area in Tampines, so one would expect the salon to look more like.... neighbourhood-style?

However the interior of Topp Care looks really modern, relaxing and comfy.

Blue and white makes up the main colours of the salon interior and it gives customers a calm sense of mind and peace while doing our hair/treatments. 😍

Additionally, all the treatments at Topp Care are of fixed price and at an affordable rate!

Regardless of whichever treatment you choose, the charge is fixed (except hair colouring which is dependent on hair's length).

Which means... you can literally walk into Topp Care without worrying that you will be pushed to signing up for hefty packages... and yes, no hard-selling too! 😚


So on to my treatment experience at Topp Care - before the consultant can introduce a suitable type of treatment for me, she will need to take a closer look at my scalp first.

And when I mean closer.... I meant it literally. 😳

Judging from the hair and scalp analysis, there seemed to be an excessive sebum production on my scalp which is clogging up my pores and to fix it I would need to go through a treatment to balance and regulate my scalp's sebum production.

See the oil bits on my scalp at my hair follicles?

Additionally, my hair is really dry and pretty damaged so I was told by the consultant that I will need to go through a hair spa for strengthening.


So I will first need to go through a hair spa treatment for a start..

Specially formulated for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair, this treatment lasts for 40 minutes and only the top quality plant extracts are being used to soothe and protect our hair.

I like how the products does not sting my scalp and it feels really encouraging to know that your hair is well-taken care of and in good hands of the therapists. 😊

Once the hair spa was done, I was brought to a hair wash using their Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo.
This shampoo helps to cleanse and nourish the scalp and is packed with rich source of vitamins & anti-oxidants.

After my Hair Spa, I was then recommended to do the Detoxdren Hair Mask 😄

Specially formulated for dandruff and oily scalp, this treatment helps to balance out excess sebum/oil, leaving our hair light and clean!👌
The entire treatment helps to balance and regulate sebum production.

Again, I felt no pain or discomfort at any point of time at all - probably because Topp Care only uses high quality western botanicals on our hair for all their treatments!😊

The intensive treatment renews and strengthen the hair follicles while calming the scalp.

And the results?
You can only expect a healthier scalp, shinier and more manageable hair!😍😍😍

While waiting for the mask to work it's magic on me, I was introduced Topp Care's line of hair dyes!
I heard that they are non-chemical and less damaging to the hair - perfect for hair condition like mine!😚

Back to the Detoxdren Hair Mask, the main ingredients used are :

Yeast and Horse Chestnut

• Helps to perfectly moisturize hair shafts
 • Enhances scalp protective properties against UV radiation
 • Stimulates collagen production

 Horse Chestnut 
• Natural protection against the sun
• Promotes blood circulation in scalp

After washing/blow-drying my hair... it's time for the verdict.

Is my scalp in a better condition now??

Sorry but WHAAAT???

My hair follicles are literally cleared out of oil sebum right after the entire session! 😱

And my hair was so soft and smooth I kept telling Nat how "flat" I felt my hair was... 😍

Let's do a comparison on the before and after....



And it's just right after ONE TREATMENT. 😱

Imagine if I were to go for weekly treatments, will I have goddess hair??? 😍
Even after three weeks, my hair still feel silky smooth and my scalp is free of itch all day!

Really happy during my time at Topp Care - perfect atmosphere, hair treatments that actually work and no gimmicky prices/packages! 😊

Thank you so much for having me and giving me fuss-free and and more manageable hair,
Topp Care Hair Solutions! 😍

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Be sure to check it out as it’s a huge discount! 😉

Do also follow their Facebook Page for any latest promotions and deals! 😍

With love,

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