Goodbye, demons of 2017.

I have never been happier and more excited about the new year. 😊
Thinking back, it was not an easy year.

I was stuck in a pretty bad shape especially the start of the year.

I had a career switch and started singing full-time - was pretty lucky to have met the right people to lead me the right way into this career and feeling extremely thankful.

Meeting new friends, new people was a total eye opener.
Finding out the truths to many things was even a bigger step of change in my life for me.

For a period of time I was so down and depressed that I feel I couldn't even breathe properly or live well. 
It's like I sometimes feel I don't even deserve to be happy anymore, because of all the shit.
And I just want to live my life day by day, see how things goes.

Closed down because it brought back some painful and bad memories and am happy that I'm currently working to doing up something with Nat ❤️️


Looking back, I felt like I used this entire year to try to get better.
I didn't achieve much other than walking out of toxicity but I really hope that this brand new year will be a total brand new start for me.

I mean, I was brave enough to be strong and survived all these shit so far... what's worse, right?

Resolutions for the new year :

1) Spend more quality time with my family/friends

With winter bae

I admit, sometimes I get so caught up with my own life/work that I always tend to neglect this part of my life - the important people in it.
Let's hope I get to travel more with those that matter most

2) Just do it.

Yea seriously.
There's a problem with me - that I can have so many ideas and plans but ALWAYS either procrastinate in doing it or am afraid of doing so because I'm afraid to fail.

3) Spend more time with the little boy.

Literally the most understanding one... okay la maybe he cannot complain that's why hahaha but he's really the little life that stuck through the thick and thin with me.

I really aim to spend more time with him this year, maybe take him out more or perhaps find him a girlfriend???

4) Be a better singer.

Something that I really need to work on more if I want to keep my job 😱
There's seriously a huge list of songs I'm supposed to learn... and crossing my fingers that my weekly vocal lessons will help.

If you all think being a singer is an easy job... it's NOT.
I shall show you all some behind-the-scenes video footages soon.... 😳

5) Be a better person.

This...well... is on my list of NY resolutions every freaking year.
Not that I'm a bad person or what... but I'm only human;
I make mistakes too (forgivable ones la HAHA) and ya la I strive to be better.

Maybe make more donations, be kinder to people, be more understanding/show others more empathy?

6) Save more money - less shopping

Like 40%-50% of my phone apps are shopping apps...

Okay 2018.. I try I try...

7) Travel more
I seriously aim to visit 4-5 countries this year.. well, we shall see!

8) Love and live for those who matter

I think one problem about me is that sometimes I care a little too much about what others say or think about me.
But come to think of it, at the end of the day those who matter won't mind, right?
I'm glad for those who have loved me for who I am so far, and still are every single day.
So naysayers aside... I'm just going to concentrate in making myself and the ones I love happy everyday ❤️️

9) Be happier

Cuz enough of bloody 2016 and 2017...
let's make 2018 a BOMB!

10) Be successful in at least something by the end of 2018
This one ties pretty closely with point (1) - if I start doing and stop procrastinating or fearing, I believe I should be pretty successful at at least something by the end of 2018?? 👌😉


I'm finally done with all these shit.
The drama, the bad stuffs, the hurt.

I'm going to be so so strong this year on and work on being a total bad-ass girl boss 😙


  1. Gee, your post resonates with me on so many counts. I cant even begin on how strong you are after everything you went through, I know all too well the feeling where there is no light at all in front of you and you can't feel or believe what is happening.
    I'm so glad you're okay now, really gives me hope for myself too!
    You're very resilient, you'll do well in life! Jia You!

    1. Hi Lena, this is nice to hear.
      Please stay happy and strong too! <3

      Happy 2018! <3